Packaging and visual identity for Hiram Green

Since 2013 Canadian born perfumer Hiram Green has been creating handcrafted perfumes from the finest natural ingredients. His perfumes are best described as intense, opulent and expressive, which is represented in the striking bright colours of his perfumes. In the last few years he has evolved quickly towards a professional perfumer. With his newest fragrance ‘Lustre’ launched in spring 2019, he wanted to give the brand Hiram Green a new fresh, timeless and luxurious appearance by re-designing his packaging and visual identity. The entire package conveyed a new design for his packaging, bottles, sample vials, sample cards, business cards and letterhead formats.

The perfumes’ rich colours come from the all natural ingredients and give the bottles their jewel-like appearance. The minimal and timeless design on an entirely white box draws the focus towards these beautiful colours standing off against a white background. This is where the focus should go to, after all. Gold foil printing with a subtle relief gives the products a tangible luxurious feel as a finishing touch.